Wednesday, July 1, 2015

The Last Minute Prep You Need For the Fourth

Happy July 1st to you all! If you saw my post Monday you know that June went by crazy fast for me letting the fourth of July sneak up on me. I lucked out this week and was able to get Thursday and Friday off of work, so tonight I'll be jumping on a bus and heading up to Boston. My amazing parents will be picking me up after midnight in Boston (thanks guys) and then early tomorrow morning we are headed up to Maine for the day. Finally, I'll be heading into my second favorite city, Boston (after NYC duh) for the fourth! You can expect to see lots of pictures of my wanderings on instagram over the next few days, so make sure to follow @peachykeencaroline

Before I signed off for the long weekend though, I wanted to share some of my favorite Fourth of July planning & entertaining inspirations from around the web. Whether you'll still trying to make plans for the holiday or just need to figure out what you're contributing to the barbecue, these will be perfect. 

What to Wear:
Sloane's (Sailing the Sea of Style) collection of patriotic looks is perfect for a casual fourth
Mix up your usual holiday wear with a midi skirt like Hallie Wilson!
A navy & white striped tshirt dress is perfect for jumping from one party to another like Liz. 
Try going all white an adding red tassel earrings and navy nails.
And did I mention I love stripes? Here's a whole lot of stripes inspiration.

What to Cook:
These individual cherry pies are the cutest dessert for any party!
Set up a bruschetta bar where people can mix and match what they want for toppings
Make everyone feel like a kid again with nutella covered frozen bananas 
Or make things a bit fancier with watermelon rosemary mojitos (cocktail or mocktail versions)
If all else fails, don't forget you can always make the american flag fruit skewers

Hope you all have a fabulous Fourth of July with some well deserved (and needed) time off! I'll be back here Monday, but of course you can always find me on instagram and twitter. Please tag me in your pictures and tweets (or comment below) so I can see what you're all doing!

Monday, June 29, 2015

Caroline's (Patriotic) Covets N.6

Can you believe July is just two days away? While I've been in summer mode since the end of May I feel like summer really kicks into gear when fourth of July comes around. The end of June came so quickly that I hadn't even thought of plans for the fourth until this past week and let me tell you, planning a last minute trip for 4th of July weekend is not a good plan. Pretty much all buses and trains were sold out when I went to buy tickets. But, I did finally find tickets, so I'm headed home to Massachusetts Wednesday night for the holiday! I'm definitely in need of a little city detox and a weekend with family and friends will be perfect. 

If you're anything like me (aka way behind on this whole 4th of july thing) you're just now thinking about what you'll be wearing for your holiday plans. The great thing about waiting 'til the last minute to do some red, white, and blue shopping is that there are some ah-mazing sales this week. J.Crew has 30% off select styles, Old Navy is having their All American Summer Sale, and Banana Republic is offering an extra 40% off all sale items. I have a wish list a mile long and I just keep adding more to it. 

Back in high school my friends used to joke that all I wore was red, white, and blue (see here and here). While my style has definitely changed since then I can't help but go all classic Americana and nautical when the 4th comes around. There really is nothing better than a perfect striped shirt and broken-in denim shorts. However, if you like to a little dressier on the 4th this off the shoulder dress paired with red tassel earrings is the way to go. 

I couldn't be more ready for a mini vacation and a little extra relaxation time. What are ya'll doing for the 4th? Please share!  If you're looking a little planning inspiration check out Mackenzie's recent posts about 4th of July entertaining.


Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Outfit: Brooklyn VIews

 This past Sunday was a pretty glorious one. It left me so worn out that when I tried to write this post Sunday evening I just fell asleep instead. But now it's Wednesday and I'm finally recovered enough from the sunshine and sweat inducing heat  to share a bit about my day. 

When you look at New York from afar or as a visitor the city seems like such a huge place. Then you move in settle down and realize that while the city may be big you really only go to a few neighborhoods on a regular basis. Since moving into my new apartment which is 5 minutes from work I started realizing that I basically only ever went to SoHo, Greenwich Village (aka NYU), and West Village (with some occasional jaunts to the East Village for bagels). And while I love my daily routine there is so much of the city that I still haven't seen. 

So on Sunday a friend and I jumped on the L train and headed over to Brooklyn and I realized that a) I actually really like Brooklyn and b) the borough feels empty compared to lower Manhattan. I needed a break from the constantly busy streets in SoHo and since a real vacation wasn't a possibility exploring a new neighborhood seemed like the best option. 

The day started with brunch (like all Sundays should) at Sweet Chick. And let me tell you, I swear to god I've never had better eggs benedict. After recovering from our food comas my friend and I spent the day wandering the neighborhood. She clearly had some idea of where we were walking but I paid zero attention to the street signs. We were always hopping in and out of cute vintage shops and stopped in at the Brooklyn Flea Market where we picked up fresh lemonade (see why this day was so perfect?). 

I left the day with an incredibly full stomach, a bit of a darker tan, and the realization that I have a lot more of this city to see. While I'm not leaving anytime soon, seeing some of my favorite bloggers and friends leave the city has inspired me to make the most of it while I'm still here. 


Friday, June 12, 2015

Outfit: On Repeat

 Friday is finally here! This week was one of those week's where I've sworn it is a day later than it actually is. I was really convinced yesterday morning that it was Friday and when I got to work and realized it wasn't there was some serious disappointment.

The best part of summer though, is while I work full time, my evenings and mornings are all mine. There's no homework or studying to be done until late at night and I'm not rushing out in the morning to an early class. So while yesterday wasn't the start of the weekend it kind of felt like it since I started the day getting breakfast with a friend and ended it wandering SoHo and then meeting family that is town for dinner. Then I ended up wandering home from Bryant Park to SoHo (it's about a 45 minute walk) because the weather had finally cooled down.

And on the note of the weather... Real summer is here in New York. Yesterday was seriously hot and humid and just going outside for a second felt like walking into a sauna. While I usually like to wear pants to work (cause I'm sitting most of the day), it just wasn't going to happen. Instead I threw on my favorite skirt and the loosest top I could find and kept it accessory-less to stay as cool as possible. I can tell you all now, that if this summer stays as bad as yesterday you'll be seeing this loose top, skirt, sandals combo a lot more.



Monday, June 8, 2015

SHOP: Long Lasting Espadrilles

Hands down my favorite type of shoe in the summer is an espadrille. I got my first pair before a trip around Europe one summer during high school and I ended up wearing them almost every day of the trip. Since then I've bought three more pairs that, just like the original, I wear all the time. For those of you traveling this summer they are the perfect compromise of cute and comfortable. While I'm not traveling to any far off lands this sumer I still plan on wearing my favorite espadrilles running around the city. I always love a good sandal, but sometimes my feet (and my shower) need a break for the dirty NYC streets. 

Over the years I've learned a few things about buying espadrilles. I've thrown out enough pairs and spent enough money on nice pairs to know where and when to compromise. First off, if you want a super cheap pair of espadrilles, go for it (check out these). Just know that those shoes you love oh so much won't be lasting more than a couple months of wear and tear. I learned that the hard way when that favorite pair of mine from high school fell apart in less than a summer. 

Once I knew I would live in whatever pair of espadrilles I bought I started investing more money in them. What you have to remember is (just like most clothing/accessories) just because a pair of espadrilles are expensive doesn't mean they will last. The first think you should look for is a great rubber bottom. This is important for the shoe holding up and for your safety if you should ever walk on a slippery or wet surface. The next thing to consider is the material and color because I promise you your white cloth espadrilles are going to get dirty real fast. For longevity look for darker colors in materials that wipe off (aka leather or pleather). That's not to say you shouldn't go for the adorable white lace up pair, because I'm ridiculously close to going out and buying a pair for myself, but that pair is going to have to be your 'special occasion' pair. 

Now that I've ranted about all my espadrille advice, go forth and find your favorite pair. I promise that online shopping makes Monday a hell of a lot better. 

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