Thursday, December 18, 2014

Shop: Last Minute NYE Dresses

If there is one night a year for an extra-special party dress that night is New Year's Eve. No matter what your plans are the last night of 2014 deserves your best dress. If you're the kind of girl who always reaches for a LBD it's the best time to break out bright hues, sequins, or fun lace! While my NYE plans will consist of me sleeping on the couch after getting my wisdom teeth taken out that morning I can't help but dream of all the pretty party dresses out there. 

With Christmas only a week away (YAY!) and NYE less than two weeks away you might be thinking it's too late to find a dress if you don't already have one. Well, you are most definitely incorrect. My favorite place to shop for dresses, Shopbop, has free three-day shipping and if that isn't fast enough they also have free two day shipping for Amazon Prime members. Students get a ridiculously amazing discount on Prime accounts so I highly suggest you sign up. With two day shipping you have time to try multiple dresses before all those NYE parties. 

Which of my NYE picks is your favorite? I'm thinking I might need to do some fast shipping on the red dress :)

Monday, December 15, 2014

Outfit: Peacoat Weather

We are officially halfway through December and that means finals starting (I have two today), only four more days in Madrid, and on Friday I will be at home in my own bed. It's crazy how fast these last few weeks have gone. I feel like the time just slipped away from me as the holidays arrived and school work got harder. 

At the same time, the weather in Madrid is actually getting colder (like the kind of cold that requires a real coat) and since all I brought with me was a leather jacket I found myself out shopping for a new peacoat. I ended up bringing this slightly oversized option home and have been obsessed with it ever since. I wanted something different than my classic black coat I left at home, but still in the black family, so this white and black woven option really was perfect. Last Thursday I paired the coat with a dressier holiday look, but as soon as I get home (and the weather is actually cold) I'll be wearing this coat with my over the knee boots and chunky sweaters all.the.time. 

Now, since I've been procrastinating studying more for far too long I must return to my finance notes. Good luck to everyone finishing up their finals this week! Remember, only 10 more days until Christmas!

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Shop: Dainty & Personalized Jewelry

In the last year or so I've really begun to appreciate the value of dainty jewelry. While I still love a big statement necklace every once in a while my daily accessories usually only include my watch, my monogram necklace layered with a bar necklace, and a small ring. However, with Christmas and New Years just a few weeks away I've been thinking of new ways to wear my dainty pieces to dress them us for parties and other holiday events. My advice, pieces with a little sparkle or extra shine will look great with any holiday dress! 

Plus, dainty jewelry makes one of the best gifts. So if you're still present searching (like me) make sure to check out Bauble Bar for 30% off some of their personalized pieces that will arrive by Christmas!

Monday, December 8, 2014

Shop: Christmas Stripes

Less than three weeks until Christmas, which means holiday shopping is getting down to the wire. If you're still looking for gifts make sure to check out my Holiday Shop, but if you've moved on to holiday outfit planning keep checking back for my favorite holiday looks!

First up is stripes. I've been going a little Pinterest crazy over the last couple days and absolutely love the holiday striped with pop of red or maroon. While my family usually does a pretty casual Christmas I'm obsessed with trying out a leather pencil skirt and stripes for a dressier holiday party. Then on Christmas morning I'll be all about the stretchy jeans, soft tee, and huge blanket scarf. 

What do you think of stripes for the holidays?

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Shop: Winter Boots

Now that December is here I can longer ignore the fact that winter is coming. Madrid may not see a snowy blistering winter, but I will as soon as I return home. Since winter is my least favorite time of year I am often not to practical about the shoes I like to wear (flats when it's 20 degrees outside anyone?). However, starting college last year was a pretty rude awakening when it came to footwear for NYC winters. The slush puddles in New York are a real thing and there is no way you want to be wearing your favorite leopard flats while trying to jump across them. 

On the few days without snow and slush I will be wearing my flats, but as soon as I start to see salt and sand being put on the roads I'll be switching in between duck boots, rain boots, and moto boots for the next three months. These three types of boots will get you through any winter like a pro. 

Duck Boots

I've had a pair of Sperry duck boots for years, but I didn't really start wearing them until last winter. These boots are perfect for trudging through snow for early classes because they are light weight, waterproof, and usually lined with fur to keep you warm! 

Rain Boots

Rain boots are great year around, but in the winter I love to wear my bright red hunters to brighten up a freezing gross day. High pairs are great since there is no chance of the slush getting over the top, but I also love the more light weight shorter pairs. Plus, this season more than a few brands came out with rain boots that look just like your favorite ankle boots, except waterproof!

Moto Boots

I always have a pair of throw around leather (or pleather) boots for the wintertime. These boots should not be your favorite most expensive pair of boots, but they should be comfortable and stylish. I found a great pair at the outlets near my house last year and whenever it snowed and I didn't want to wear real winter boots I wore them with some extra thick socks. Do make sure to waterproof these boots (and all your boots) as soon as you get them.

What are your favorite pair of winter boots? I'm always looking for a new pair of shoes :)